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Roof moss removal

With moss being highly absorbent, every time it rains, the moss soaks up a huge amount of water that would normally roll down into your gutters and downpipes. Moss readily grows on roof tiles, especially in between the tiles where the spores collect, when these then freeze they of course expand which can result in the tile becoming cracked as it then shrinks back when it thaws. With cracks in the tiles it will allow water to flow underneath them to the roof under layer, where it can do serious structural damage and you may experience water damage and mould growth inside your home. Leaving moss in place on your roof can not only damage the roof but also have disastrous consequences to yourself and family. Moss is different from algae and lichens which are less damaging and easier to clean from the roof tiles. We manually remove the bulk of the moss using specially designed roof tile profiles. We then apply a licensed HSE approved biocide treatment to prevent any regrowth for a considerable amount of time. Also all of your gutters will be cleared of any debris from the roof. Aqua-wash Northeast  offer great affordable prices along with a highly skilled and professional team to complete the job. Putting it off will leave you with costly repairs in the future. There is also a slow and steady improvement over the next 12 Months. All White & Yellow Lichen, micro Spores and Bacterial growth will be killed off. The hardy white & yellow lichens will completely disappear but will take several months.