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ROOF Steam CLEANING 07481608553

Roof steam cleaning

When steam cleaning a roof, by using a low pressure and hot water your roof we will thoroughly remove all traces of moss, lichens and other forms of fungi that have made themselves at home on your roof. Firstly, we would carry out a visual roof survey and undertake a risk assessment to ensure all health and safety is followed. Once we are happy all health and safety has been covered and we are happy to proceed, We will carry out a full roof inspection and check for any loose or cracked tiles before going ahead with the with steam cleaning your roof. We will also protect your downpipes before getting started and empty all debris from your gutters once we have finished. Our Pressure washers have pressure controls to suit the different surfaces being cleaned. We would set the lance up to the correct pressure, heat and water flow. Rest assured steam cleaning does not damage the roof tiles which is one of the main reasons why we set our machinery to the correct pressure ensuring there is no danger of too much pressure being used resulting in damage to the tile surface. Roof steam cleaning